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Oranges Are Orange - Stuart Park

This story came from somewhere, that's the first and last thing that can be agreed on.
Especially since Stuart insists he's not an author.

The story is the bastard child of knee surgery, Radiohead, Chuck and Your Sinclair magazine. All gently bathed in a splash of Zen Buddhism and bleached from the caustic scathing of loss and foreboding.

Oranges Are Orange is a short story featured in the charity anthology 'The Black Room Manuscripts - Volume Two', published by the 'Sinister Horror Company'.
All profits from the sale of the anthology will go to Alzheimer's Research UK (ARUK).
  Alzheimers Research UK

Release: 9th July 2016
Publisher: Sinister Horror Company
ISBN-10: 0993592600
ISBN-13: 978-0993592607


"Stuart Park's Oranges are Orange is a terribly creepy, tragic tale, one that puts you deeper than you’d ever want to go into the mind of someone profoundly damaged."

Full review: The Slaughtered Bird

"Whoa! This is some freaky messed-up shit we've got here. Stuart Park is clearly a man who likes to toy with his readers. It's written from the first-person-perspective of Jack, who it appears is a severe autistic savant with a hefty slab of OCD thrown in for good measure. Seeing the slowly unfolding story purely from behind the eyes of someone who can't understand or grasp the entirety of what's going on around him is always a slightly disorientating and challenging thing. It makes the story a puzzle. But it's one that draws you in as you gradually become more and more accustomed to the character of Jack and the way his mind works. Of course it's a difficult read in more ways than one. You're reading about a vulnerable child/young adult who’s struggling with understanding the complexities of our world. In that alone it's quite a heart-wrenching read. Now throw in the impact of being mistreated as a young child – and then how it derails the poor lad – and you've got a story that not only gets you on an emotional level, but then messes you up when you're at your most vulnerable. See what I mean about the author?! He knows what he’s doing. It's hard-hitting and horrifically chilling. I swear to god I needed a shower after reading it."

Full review: DLS Reviews

"Smart and sharp story of growing up damaged, "Oranges are Orange." Recounted from the perspective of a socially isolated child, the narrative style starts off simplistic and discordant but, as the tale progresses, that style of writing pays dividends as you slowly start to realise that his upbringing has had a very deep impact on his psyche and how he relates to and interacts with others. The discomfort gradually accrues and leads to a finale that had me on edge and grinding my teeth."

Full review: Ginger Nuts of Horror

"Wow, another fantastic first-person point of view story. It's funny because I generally don't like first person as much but some of the stories in this book have started to make me come around a little bit. The perspective and voice of this character is brilliant and absolutely frightening. I loved the transition in the story where you're not entirely sure if you are reading about a victim or if you're seeing a monster in the making. And I suppose we have to acknowledge the fact that both of those statements could also be true at the same time.

Regardless, this story brilliantly took me inside the mind and imaginings of this particular character and as I want down to the end of the story, I wasn't entirely sure if that was a place that I really wanted to be."

Full review: Confessions of a Reviewer



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